Energy Solutions

We support clients in the identification and adoption of tailor-made technical solutions, assisting them with feasibility analyses.
We help them to develop and optimise energy efficiency solutions and in managing renewable energy plants. 

Energy Management

We work as Energy Managers, hand in hand with companies and entrepreneurs: we assist companies during energy transitions, until the pre-set targets are achieved, from sustainable development objectives to carbon-free operational models. We select and coordinate specialists in the sectors of energy, environmental and agronomic sustainability

Dedicated Team

We manage a portfolio of photovoltaic plants, distributed over the entire nation, on behalf of large private and institutional investors, thanks to our team of dedicated experts. We oversee relations with public and private bodies involved in the ordinary and extraordinary operations of the plants, providing a modular, turnkey service 

Analysis and R&D

We have developed strong analytical, research and development tools, in order to clearly understand present and future scenarios involving energy efficiency, renewable sources and the management of complex systems designed to achieve zero emissions objectives